Friday, July 4, 2008

In the Army Now

I was just checking my facebook account and found this new pic of my bff. She is in Texas for Army basic training. She has had quite a lot happen to her while there....cellulitis in both legs, bitten on the face by a red ant, blisters from army boots, and I just found out she broke something in her tail bone! I got to talk to her on Monday night after she returned from 10 days in the field for training. She had just taken her first shower since they had gone out to the field. She said it was cold water but one of the best showers in her life! She survived the gas chamber with a gas mask and without too! I am completely amazed by her. And I am totally stealing this picture from her.

Right now she is spending a 3 day weekend with her hubby and two beautiful children who drove 20 hours to see her! I am praying that their time together will go ever so slow!

Here is my buddy a Second Lieutenant, she is the one one the right...the other girl is someone she has befriended while in training. Hope she doesn't mind her pic on my blog.

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