Saturday, September 4, 2010


My long lost friend is coming.
I can feel it.
I am filled with anticipation and excitement.
I am ready to go dig out the box of decorations I have tucked away in our basement for her arrival.
I bought two small mini-pumpkins at the Farmer's Market to mark the nearness of her visit.
I hope beyond hope that her stay is prolonged this year.
She typically comes and then just as soon as she is here, she is gone.
I'm hoping that this year, she will linger and that she will bring with her a vibrant wardrobe of color.
The trees looks as if they are ready to burst too as they prepare this wardrobe of colors for her.
I want to pick out one special candle in a scent that reminds me of her.
I washed my living room windows and sliding glass door today so I can watch for her.
I will probably bake something in her honor soon too.
I hear Starbucks is anticipating her arrival too with Pumpkin Spice Lattes returning to their menu so I'll have to have one soon to thank them for thinking of her too.
I think she would be delighted to find a mum waiting on our front porch for her.
The sweatshirts and jackets are washed and ready so we can take strolls outside with her to breathe in her scent and hear her sounds.
Come soon, friend and stay awhile!

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the back door said...

oh how i join you in the anticipation of our dear friend!!!