Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Blessing from Afar

Let me start by saying that I am in NO way trying to toot my own horn. I just want to share with you a really great idea! After our car accident last May I had a friend who lives 4 hours away message me on Facebook. She said she wanted to order pizza for us to be delivered to our home since she didn't live close enough to bring us a meal. What a great idea!!!! How very clever.

I can not tell you the times when I have thought how nice it would be to take a meal to a friend or family member but distance was an issue.

Having meals provided for me after having our children and after our car accident have been such times of blessing to our family. Do you take meals to loved ones who live close by during times of need? It is a HUGE blessing! I urge you to do that if you haven't done it before.

And for those who live far away? Call in a pizza order to a pizza place (or some other restaurant that delivers) and pay for it with your credit/bank card.

We just did this for my hubby's cousin who just had a baby. It felt so good to know she was eating a meal she didn't have to make after having her baby. One thing: be sure to tell the person you are ordering from the situation and that you are paying with your credit card but won't be at the home the order is being delivered to. Pizza Hut would not let me do this since the credit card had to be shown when the order was delivered. I ended up using Papa John's and they had no problem with the situation.

What a great way to bless a family that isn't near! We were so blessed when this was done for us.

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