Monday, June 9, 2008


I like to make things although I don't do it that much. I meet with a group of gals once a month to make crafts. Unfortunately it seems it always happens to be a night when my hubby is busy and can not watch our daughter, so I either bypass going or take her along. It is really hard for me to focus on crafting when Peanut is along not because she is bad...she is just busy and I have to keep an eye on the clock for bedtime. It is just hard to craft when you can't focus on what you are making. And then at home I rarely get time to craft anything. I don't have a spot where I can put my stuff so it is all put away. I hate getting it all out just to have to put it all away again. I am pretty anal about leaving my stuff out. I have to put it away when I am done so it just is tedious. Here are some neat things that I have made and thought I would share with you.
Flower cards: These I got the idea for from things I saw online. I did these during one of Peanut's naps.
Getting Crafty Getting Crafty

The rest are things I made at craft night.
Journal: Made from one of those black and white steno books. We just covered the front with pretty paper and accents.
Getting Crafty

Birthday Date Organizer
Getting Crafty Getting Crafty

Paper Sack Recipe Book
Getting Crafty

Gift Can
Getting Crafty

Gift "Purse": This was made from the bottom half of a paper lunch sack.

There are so many cute ideas out there. My wonderful Mother-in-Law bought me a sewing machine a few weeks ago. I want to make my daughter a cute little apron that I found on another blogger's site. Mother-in-law has some of the cutest vintage fabrics too. I can't wait. So hopefully soon, I will be able to post some pictures of my fist sewing project since high school. Wow! I did sew a little like 7 years ago on a quilt that my husband's grandma and mom finished for me. It is beautiful though.

That's all for now.

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