Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fabric Basket

I'm in Heaven. This is the cutest little thing EVER. I am so proud of my little project that I made during Peanut's nap today. It took me a little longer than naptime but Daddy's home and he let me finish. I did things like make box corners and bias tape for this one. Wow! I didn't have a clue but the awesome tutorial that I followed was wonderful. I think I want to crank out a bunch of these. They are perfect for gifts and baby nurseries and such. So, so, so, so cute and really not too hard. You can find the tutorial here at the Pink Penguin blog.

I have had so many of you comment about having sewing machines but not sewing. Pull that puppy out, dust it off and try. I sewed in high school for home economics class. Then around 2001 my mother-in-law helped me start a quilt for our bed but I never finished. Her mom actually finished it up for me, then mama-in-law quilted it. So it was kind of nice....all of our hands worked on it. But I haven't sewed since! And now I look forward to making things. It may be the newness of it all but there is something so rewarding about making something with your own hands.

I know a great teacher if any of you want one! She is my personal sewing trainer! Ha!


Joy ☺ said...

YOU SHOULD BE PAID. (and if i was able, i would paid in bold letters, but for now, all caps will have to do)
I can't believe how awesome you are. That came out wrong. I've known you were awesome all along, but now you are one more step up the awesome belt. I really feel the need for a hobby now! and sewing's not it.
i can do this really cool thing with my pen where i flip around my pointer finger and thumb...
oh and i'm adding this site to my links. :)

Krista said...

You are doing a very nice job with those. I was thinking the same thing as Joy. You could make some money making those. Do I hear craft show?

Colleen said...

That is so nice! I mean, really, I can't believe you could do that during nap time. You're a natural talent when it comes to sewing. I might be able to do that, but it would take me days, and it wouldn't look that nice. You gotta get an Etsy shop! I'll be your first customer.

ayumills said...

I like your little fabric basket! I like how you used fabric that is vintage-ish so that the result is kinda retro- I love it! And thanks for your kind words on my tutorial;) I might make another tutorial just like this fabric basket..;)

amandajean said...

that is a cute basket! I need to try out that tutorial. :0)