Sunday, October 19, 2008

What I am Up To

I know, I know. I need to get back into making things like crafts and food. It's been a hard few weeks. My mom passed away on October 10. My family stayed with my parents for the 3 weeks beforehand as we knew it was coming. It has been a bittersweet time. Mom suffered from Alzheimer's Disease and was in bad shape. It was so hard to see her go on like she was. Now she is no longer suffering and that is awesome. But I do miss her. It is difficult to be at my parent's house now with her gone. It is a big change and I think we are doing well considering. So that is why you are all getting generic posts recently on this blog. I will get back up to par soon. I have some projects that I want to start working on for Christmas and such. Thanks for putting up with these silly posts.

I found this on a blog that I read now and then and thought it was cute.

What I am doing right now....

Sitting on an uncomfortable kitchen chair at the computer that has now invaded my kitchen table! I am not bitter about this. I am not bitter. (Keep repeating until you believe it.)

Smelling a stinky dog....we are dog sitting for my in-laws who are on vacation.

Listening to a football game that I care nothing about. It's just background noise for my daughter who was having trouble going to sleep. Sometimes I think it helps to just have the tv on so she can hear something going on downstairs.

Drinking nothing right now but am going to make some hot chocolate very soon. It is cold!

Reading Your Pregnancy Week by Week.

Loving the crisp fall air and smell of leaves burning in the air.

Dreading paying all the bills that piled up while we were gone.

Eagerly anticipating the birth of our second baby!

Worrying my dad as he makes this new transition in life. He was my mom's caregiver.

Wishing that my daughter would stay like this forever.

Praying not as I often as I should be.

Grateful for friends and family who have been such a source of support and encouragement.

Sharing my personal space with a Golden Retriever who is very needy!

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Joy ☺ said...

Actually, if you make a cake and it turns out really awful or if you sew a little bag that is all screwed up, it will make me feel better about my lack of hobbies. ha ha.
I'll probably have to steal this blog post from you too... you know, since I steal things.