Monday, April 25, 2011

Letting Go

We are considering a move this summer. My dream is to be moving back into a house. I LOVE to drive around our town and look at homes stashing away ideas for someday. We are blessed to live in a community where there are many beautiful homes. My idea of a beautiful home is a place filled with character or A.K.A. it has been around for awhile. I love older homes. There are certainly some beautiful new homes but the older ones have character. You can't build character. It comes over years and from families who fill a home with laughter and tears and memories.

I've been perusing Flickr to find some examples of homes that I am drawn to.
Moore House - Yorktown Battlefield, VA
(Original image can be found HERE.)

Bungalow, Schenectady, NY
(Original image can be found HERE.)

Savory Spoon
(Original image can be found HERE.)

Craftsman House - Bungalow, Columbus, OH
(Original image can be found HERE.)

Farmhouse Sunrise
(Original image can be found HERE.)

A big porch is a MUST!
An inviting porch in Manchester
(Original image can be found HERE.)

Alas....I have let go of these dreams for now. If we move it will more than likely be to yet another apartment that has much better rates for rent but is smaller with much less storage space. BUT the rent is extremely better for our budget AND there is a nice little fenced in back yard for us to play in and playground areas all over the complex.

When we began talking about this I felt so let down. I want a house. But then something changed. I let it go and I began to feel this twinge of excitement about something different, about change. It may not be what I had dreamed of but it may be something so much better when viewing it from God's perspective. So we consider and ponder and see if this is what God has for us. I'll tuck my dreams away for now and maybe someday I'll have a little bungalow with an amazing porch. As long as I am with my little family, I'm home.


Anonymous said...

You make me smile! Amen, home is where our heart is (and that's our family!). Praying God's guidance and blessings as you make the change!
Holly :)

Anonymous said...

That is so true....I love all the photos of the houses...and I bet someday you will be in one very similar...God's timing is always the BEST :)

Anonymous said...

oh that was me by the way-Leanne xoxoxo:)

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