Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cake Balls

I was able to get to my dad's home for almost a week long visit. It was wonderful, just wonderful. I was missing home so much and aching to see friends from up north. It was truly a sweet visit. Part of the sweetness was getting together with a group of girlfriends from our old church and making Bakerella's cake balls. Yum! You do know who Bakerella is, right? If you don't, you must stop by HERE and visit with her. She is amazingness!

She created these little balls of sweet, yummy cake delight. They are adorable and can even be turned into cake pops. (I'm very sure they are low calorie too.)
Cake Ball Party
My sweet friend at The Back Door opened her new home in the countryside for us. I was dying to see the homestead and her. She is a delight! (I just want to say something here for the public to read. I was thinking the other day that I used to live less than a block from her and I didn't take the time to get to know her. HOW SAD!!!! I wish I would have taken the time to step out of my comfort zone and gotten to know her then. I mean, she was a stone's throw away from my little green house. There would have been some extra sweet Back Door memories with her. Love you, Friend and thank you for hostessing!)
Cake Ball Party
Now let me just say for a moment here...go ahead and giggle. Just go ahead and get it over with. You know you want to. I mean...cake balls???? What grown person can NOT giggle over that name. Oh, you're more mature than we are? Your mind isn't in the gutter like ours were? Maybe we had a bit too much fun with the name. But come on...all of us who were there are married, we're all grown-up, and we were starving for adult conversation, so yes....we giggled and cracked many jokes about the sweet little name of cake balls. A very sweet friend thought maybe we should call them cake bites when telling people about them. Oh Bakerella...did you have any idea when you named your sweet treats?
Cake Ball Party more giggling. Grow UP!

We had fun. We crumbled. We mixed. We froze. We melted. We dipped. We tasted. YUM!
Cake Ball Party
A piece of advice if you do find yourself craving some cake balls (no giggling). Melt your chocolate in small batches and do it in the microwave. We did some in a double boiler and it did not work well. The almond bark we melted in the microwave worked so much better. If you do it in small batches, you will have less crumbs in your melted chocolate to deal with too.
Cake Ball Party
We made all sorts of cake balls. (I see that giggly sparkle in your eye. Focus...focus...focus!) The different types were cherry, strawberry, dark chocolate, confetti, lemon, and brownie. I did have a favorite. Is it ok to voice it here? No hurt feelings co-cake ball makers. The dark chocolate cake with chocolate frosting mixed in and dipped in white almond bark were wonderful.
Cake Ball Party
And before BFF posts it in my comments...Hubby's nickname is NOT sweet cake balls.

Come on people.....GROW UP!

(For the record...this will be by far my most rebellious post. Heehee!)


keepin it real said...

you make me smile...and i totally don't get it. what's so funny about cake balls? :) hee hee

Colleen said...

Oh my word! What is this blog coming to?

Colleen said...

It's me again. I tagged you for a Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop. You can come by and check it out if you want to participate.

the back door said...

for the record - i did not start the whole cake ball discussion!! i just wanted to simply make some cakeballs:)

and also dear one, i too lived just a stone's throw away and never took a step your way! i am however, deeply thankful for the friendship we have today:)