Thursday, June 30, 2011

Diaper Disaster

5 Minutes for Mom is hosting a $200 giveaway entitled "Share Your Diaper Disaster Story." That is what I am going to do right here so if you are faint of heart or weak of stomach, you may want to bypass this post.

When our 2nd daughter was born my husband worked the weekends. He would leave on Friday and we would not see him again until Monday morning. It made for long weekends for me with a 2 year old and brand new baby. That being said we didn't make it to church as often as I would have liked. It was so much effort for an exhausted mom sometimes.

One weekend though I decided we were going to do it. We were going to get up and go to church. We were going to see friends and it would be glorious. Wouldn't everyone be so impressed to see me walk in with my two small children? Wouldn't I look like I had it all together?

My baby daughter slept through most of the service just until the very end. I took her out to the nursing room to feed her. I rocked her, feeling very proud of our accomplishment.

Let me add here that I had chosen to wear a very light, almost white pair of capris that spring morning. That is a critical piece of information.

As I rocked her and let her nurse, I noticed her sweet little face strain and heard the gates of baby poop open and there was no closing them. Immediately I felt the warm sensation all over my legs. The pride that I had been feeling just moments ago turned to dread. I picked up that sweet little baby to find that she had not just "blown out", she had EXPLODED all over my nearly white capris and all over her sweet little outfit.

I just sat there and stared. I had no idea what to do. It was running all down my legs. I had never in my life seen so much poop. I was mortified.

I had a small pack of baby wipes in my bag but no change of clothes for my daughter or FOR ME for that matter! What was I thinking? Why did I not have a change of clothes FOR ME in there? I grabbed the wet wipes and just started wiping and may have shed a couple of tears. I wiped my daughter down and somehow managed to get her "SOILED" outfit off then wiped her down again. I wiped down the chair I was sitting in because you know it had to run somewhere. Then I wiped my capris down but there would have been no amount of wet wipes to clean nearly white capris from the obvious stains of yellow runny baby poop.

I wrapped my daughter up in her blanket and grabbed the mountain high pile of wet wipes and the one dirty diaper because of course there was no trash can in the nursing room and walked out trying to hold my head high and praying no one would see the yellow stain all over the front of me. I got my two year old daughter out of nursery and walked passed many a person who said, "You're leaving early?" I would just smile and say, "Yes, we need to get going."

I did see our family doctor and he expressed his concern wondering if everything was ok. I smiled weakly and moved my daughter's blanket that I had strategically placed in front of me. He just grinned and said, "Ahhh, yes."

Just another lesson in not getting too proud of an accomplishment because as every new mom knows, pride cometh before the POOP explosion!

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