Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm back. I told you I would be. No hubby to steal my computer time. Ha! In my blog break, I scrubbed my cabinet fronts with Murphy's Oil and water. I hate the smell of Murphy's Oil. I don't know why because it is synonymous to the smell of clean. Or is it synonymous with the dying of brain cells from the chemicals in those products. Have any of you tried the green cleaning products? What do you think? What do you like? I've been wanting to try out the Clorox line of Greenworks. I just haven't run out of what I am already using and I do NOT waste cleaning products. I use up every bit of it. I turn the bottle upside down and then shake some water in it to get it ALL! That's so fun when the toothpaste is running out. I'm so joking! I don't do that with the toothpaste but I do squeeze the dickens out of it.

Now onto sewing. The reason I bring up Murphy's and does come together, really. My parents had this old shelf that sat in their bathroom for as long as I can remember. It stored towels and different items. My dad took it out to the shed a few years back to make more room in their tiny bathroom. Yesterday, I stole it from them! I asked first! Ha! I needed somewhere to put my sewing things. Sewing has taken over my dining room. This shelf is perfect. It sits just inside my laundry room and can house my sewing things neatly in cute baskets and such. But after having spent a few years in the shed it needed a good scrubbing down with the Murphy's. Now it is clean and in place. Yeah for me! Now I need to make it cute with doilies and such. Here is a picture for now of what it looks like. And yes, that is the litter box there. Sorry!

As for sewing....I have been have a heyday with those fabric baskets from Pink Penguin's blog. They are so fun to make! It is so fun to pick out the different fabrics to put together. I love vintage fabric so many of mine are made out of the vintage stuff. I have made some others too. I can usually whip one out in an hour after I have everything cut out. I try to cut extra when I'm cutting so I have some ready to go when I don't have time to cut. Aren't they so cute?

I have also been working on a new tote style. It isn't finished so I don't have a picture yet. I'll try to finish it and get a picture up soon. My sewing machine was giving me fits on Friday so I haven't been back at it since. I hope it was just the day and I'm not going to start having problems with it. That would make me sad!

My latest project will involve handmade things for my daughter's 2 year old birthday. I'm excited, but it's a secret, so shhhh...don't tell!


the back door said...

i am currently using the green works products and love them. they have a clean chemical free smell and seem to work well! i bought the bathroom and general cleaner.

Joy ☺ said...

I love the baskets. Pam called me from the Office and was wondering if you'd make her one? I told her she still hasn't met us for coffee yet and really, she can wait like the rest of us.