Sunday, July 13, 2008


I'm still here. This is the life of a woman whose family owns a laptop and whose hubby needs it all the time to record, mix and build new websites. I made him promise that I could have it all to myself one day this weekend while he is away at work. So now Peanut is asleep and I am blogging! Oh, the therapy that I need from blogging. It really is in a way therapy to me. I have always been an avid journaler. There is just something about getting all the stuff inside out. Those of you who know me well, will know that I am not a great verbal communicator. I am much more apt to sit with my journal and write my thoughts than to tell them to someone. It's in my blood on BOTH sides! Eeeks!

Back to therapy...let's just say that if they were passing out Mommy of the Day awards, I would not be getting one today. I hate it when my patience is running thin and I feel cranky. It seems to always happen when Daddy is gone at work or doing music. Go figure. I tried to be patient, I really did but it is HARD to try when it's just not there. I even took her outside!!!! That always works...but she must have felt my vibe because it didn't. I tried to weed the jungle that is growing in our flowerbeds and all she wanted was for me to hold her. So, I gave up and we came in. I don't know why I am so impatient today.

Speaking of my flowerbeds...why is that the weeds can grow enormous with just a few drops of rain but the flowers need torrents of rain to look nice. I hate weeding....I hate it so much that I often wonder why I bother with flowerbeds. That's easy...because I love flowers. It is definitely a love/hate relationship. Here are some of the beauties that are blooming right now out back

I adore DAISIESSSSSS! Did you know that? One of my favorite movies is You've Got Mail and I love the line that Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) says about them, "Don't you think Daisies are the friendliest flower?" They are! They're so happy. How can you look at a daisy and not smile. I wish they were easy to grow. I seem to have problems growing them. They are doing better this year. But the stupid bugs gravitate to them and eat the pretty petals right off! GRRRR.

I also love Lily of the Valley. What a beautiful scent! Let's see...tulips are my FAVORITE spring flower! I have them in a row along the ugly chain link fence by our driveway. In the spring the chainlink fence is even pretty. Ha!


Colleen said...

I'm reading this after I just got done yelling at my son for yanking on my arm while I was trying to type on my computer. All he really wanted was me to stop typing and pay attention to him. I'm tired, and Dave's been gone a lot this week. His truck is still in the shop, so that also means we've been stuck at home all week. I'm running out of patience too.

Joy ☺ said...

Daisy is my favorite flower too. I told God the man I would marry would give me one single daisy before we got married, and I eventually got that... but it was on a card. lol. (I guess I wasn't real specific with God) ha!

Joy ☺ said...

And on a side note...
Dawson doesn't pay any attention to me. So what is the opposite of patience? Is that being needy?