Thursday, April 15, 2010

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts from a random week:

* This morning when I washed my hair, I noticed that my shampoo bottle is almost empty while my conditioner bottle was not nearly that empty. Someone has been using my shampoo because I HATE when they are not nearing empty at the same rate so I go to great lengths to make sure this doesn't happen. This bothers me alot. I I buy more conditioner and then always have this problem? How annoying is that!!! So I just use less shampoo and a GLOB of conditioner and gently remind Hubby that I have in fact restocked his shampoo and to leave mine alone!

* This probably goes hand in hand with the above issue. Each morning I open our front windows, I make sure that the two windows are level with each other when opened. I also make sure the blinds are level when I let them down. I do not like when one side is higher or lower than the other. Is that what you call anal?

* I have two grocery items that I can not give up even though they cost more to buy and probably are not green. I love the cleaning wipes! I use them all of the time. I hate spraying gunk all over but love these handy dandy little cleaning things. I also LOVE the Crisco you can buy in sticks. I hate plopping globs of Crisco in measuring cups. What a mess! The sticks are so convenient. I rarely use Crisco so I don't feel too bad about buying these rather than that big old can of lard.

* I finally jumped on board with reusable shopping bags. Kroger had the cutest ones 2 for $1.00 yesterday so I bought 4 and felt really good about myself. I am so tired of plastic shopping bags falling out every time I open my pantry door!

* The lilacs are in FULL bloom here. I wish I had a picture to share with you but I didn't have time to stop and get one today. I LOVE lilacs!

* The lifestyle change...not going so hot right now. I've been in a funk. The girls have been sick, we had Easter...I got out of my habit changes but I will get there. We're still eating healthier. My grocery cart had a lot of produce today which makes me as happy as a lark.

* I made homemade chicken strips the other night and they were lovely. Have you used Panko bread crumbs? I've heard so much about them but had never bought them. The chicken strip recipe I used called for them and all I have to say is, "SO LONG BREADCRUMBS!" Here is the recipe for Jill's Crispy Herbed Chicken Strips. These will be made again!

* Our realtor emailed my hubby to let him know that someone who had been in to look at our house had poked at a patch of paint above our fireplace that was a bit bubbled. We lived in that house for 7 years with that bubble and never bothered it. We didn't pick at it when we were looking at the house interested in buying it. But now someone felt the need to poke and we have a hole in the paint that looks redneck. Thank you dear, sweet person for doing that. Thanks for thinking that it was polite to POKE the bubble. It sure was thoughtful!!!!! Grrrrr!

(Up-date: A friend of ours stopped by to see the damage and it isn't just chipped paint. The person pushed hard enough to go all the way through and we now have a HOLE the size of a baby food jar lid!!!! The hole goes all the way there is nothing behind the wall, just nothingness! She didn't think it was something we would be able to just patch up. It could involve redoing the entire arched wall above our fire place!!!!! She said she pushed on the area a little to see how much give it had and it had none. This means that the thoughtful person SHOVED until it gave and made the hole. I'm having a hard time feeling kindhearted towards this lovely person!)

*That leads me to the house. We had two people very interested in taking a step towards putting an offer on the house 2 weeks ago. Here we are two weeks later and nothing. It is so discouraging. I know there are others who have been on the market for much longer and I try to remember that, but it is getting exceedingly harder. I've been in a mood for awhile now and I think this is why. I just know that with warm weather comes alot more upkeep and it is so hard to get up there. And then there is the whole thing about money. It is discouraging. And it doesn't help that I miss my house so much. I loved that house. I still do. Right now I miss my yard, my flower beds. Spring has really put this ache in me for the house. It is the sweetest home. I miss my park down the street. I miss our neighborhood. I miss it.

* What kind of person facebooks you to ask if she can stop by your house that is for sale to mow the yard for you and offers to do it for you off and on over the summer months? AN AWESOME, INCREDIBLE, THOUGHTFUL friend. Thank you so much!!!!! She even scored a blister and didn't mind a bit. Wow! I need to be more like that!!!!! It spoke so much to me about serving others.


shannon fay said...

I love you and all of your quirky wonderfulness =)

You should definitely be up to mow your lawn on June is the first day my kids are off school and the day after my Step 1....we can come by and help with the house and walk down to the park together. (If I survive =P)

I love you, and I'm sorry about the pushy paint popping property peeper!

Colleen said...

They put a hole in your wall?! You should tell them, "You break it, you buy it!"

I always go through conditioner faster than I go through shampoo. I probably use two bottles of conditioner for ever one of shampoo that I buy. So my bathroom would make you crazy. But the window thing? I totally get that.