Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday This and That I don't know if I'll stick to this but I like doing a random this and that post. It may not always happen on Friday, but that makes it very exciting for you, the reader, doesn't it? Indulge me here. You could leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this kind of post. ;)

I told you in my last this and that post that I love to look at tutorials and craft ideas online but don't get around to making anything. Well, I'm going to share with you a few things that I am desperately wanting to make. I have even left a few of these open in tabs on my computer so they stare me down every time I open up the computer. My plan is to go to the fabric store tomorrow to get some needed supplies which will be a great use to the rest of that birthday money burning a hole in my retrieved wallet.

Sidenote - Can I just mention here that money does NOT burn a hole in my pocket? I save it and wait until I know for sure what I want. My hubby on the other hand, well his birthday money was GONE the next day after his birthday. Any of you who know both of us will SURELY not be surprised by this. Yet another characteristic of our polar oppositeness.

On to my list of "to be made" items...errrr...I mean "hopefully to be made."

*Pillowcase Dress - Do you know what these are? Have you seen them? They are to die for cute and my girls WILL have matching ones this spring. THEY WILL! This is the tutorial I plan to use because it has POMPOMS! Need I say more????? Hopefully the baby won't try to chew them off.

*Wallpaper Decals - I just stumbled on these today and think they are so cute. I am seeing these in my future, maybe not here in apartment land, but in my future, definitely.

*Polka Dot Circles - I love this simple craft. I found a link here and here to make these really cute circles out of embroidery hoops. So simple and what a great effect when finished. I want to make a set to hang in my girls' room. I have had this idea tucked away since before we had our second baby but never made them because I knew we were moving. Now would be a good time.

*Tote Bag - I love totes and think this would be a great library bag for us to use. There are so many cute prints out now and this looks very easy.

*Cute Curtains - I need to hang curtains! Isn't that HORRIBLE? We've been here since August and there are no curtains and seriously I only need to put up 3 sets! BAD, BAD, BAD! The really horrible, awful thing is that I have curtains for 2 of those 3 sets. The third that I am in need of is for the girls' room. I want to make something cutesy and found this idea. I'm hoping to get this done soon. I can invision some birdies appliqued (possibly) to the front since they both have the cutest birdie quilts made by my amazing mother-in-law.

OK....I really could keep going, but I can't. I will be overwhelmed and won't do any of it. So my goal is to make something in the next week. I will try. I promise. I need to let my creative juices flow. Not sure what I'll start with, but I will return triumphant!


Joy ☺ said...

Everytime I read this blog of yours I feel the need to take up crafting. I wish I didn't feel that way because I completely stink at all craftiness and then I break out in hives. So really, it's all your fault. I can make a bed though.

Colleen said...

I keep coming here to comment, and I get interrupted every time before I can type anything. Those wallpaper decals are pretty cool. I think I could actually handle that one.