Sunday, February 28, 2010


I finally made Naan for the family. I found a recipe online that looked very easy with common ingredients so I tried it. It was yummy and I will make it again and actually follow the directions. Ha! I was in a hurry and not able to let my dough rest as long as it should have. My Naan didn't puff like it was supposed to when I transferred it to the oven. I think the lack of rest could have been why but not too sure. I used the following recipe that I found on Recipe Zaar for Naan.

I made the chicken curry that I posted a recipe for here. This time I added chopped carrots and potatoes and I threw in a can of diced tomatoes (well I mean I took them dumped them out of the can). This really added to the flavor of the meal and gave us more left-overs. We love left-overs especially since I am usually sending two meals with Hubby for his long day at school and work.


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Colleen said...

Fun! I just never thought to try and make my own Naan bread. That curry looks good too, but I'm the only one here who would eat it.