Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Snow Day Fun

We got hit with quite a bit of snow Sunday through Monday. This makes it very difficult to get out with two little ones as any Mommy in a snowy zone will tell you. We have just been at home the past couple of days. I think I might have a bit of cabin fever. I am really ready for spring this year. I have never been so cooped up for so long. We are all anxious to go to the park and to go on walks.

But since it is still cold and snowy, we're trying to make the most of it. I am so thankful that I get to be with my two little girls each day. I just love them to pieces and want to enjoy each moment with them.

One thing that we did was bring the winter inside. We haven't ventured out much to play in the snow because:
1. I don't like being cold.
2. I am usually by myself with a baby and 3 year old...sounds too hard.
3. The baby, Pumpkin would probably crawl into a snowdrift and get lost.
4. I don't like being cold.

So...we brought the snow inside. I filled a big pan with snow and let the girls go at it. They enjoyed this but it didn't last as long as I thought it would. Perhaps their little fingers were freezing? I don't know.
Indoor Snow Play Indoor Snow Play
(Yep, that little one, she's still in her pajamas. Changing her clothes and/or diaper is as easy as changing a greased pig! I have never actually done that, but I think I know what it would be like now.)

I also filled my Kitchen-Aid mixing bowl with snow and whipped up some snow ice cream. I have never done this before. It had never crossed my mind that it could even be done. Several Mommy friends have been talking about doing it, so we did it with fresh, clean snow. You can click HERE for the recipe that I used from allrecipes.com. It was good...definitely not homemade ice cream good, but good.
Snow Ice Cream

I jazzed up lunch the other day by serving tiny things in a mini-muffin tin. Isn't it so cool how something that simple, that easy can be so entertaining to a child? Love that!

We've been painting. We made Kool-Aid to make scratch and sniff paintings. That idea was found HERE.
Scratch and Sniff Painting

I got finger-paint paper to do the Kool-Aid painting. Peanut was very concerned that we didn't have finger-paint. I remembered stumbling on a recipe to make homemade finger-paint so we did that the other day. You can find that recipe HERE. In the post you can read that the mixture gets VERY thick. She wasn't kidding. It reminded me of congealed lard, not that I have had alot of experience with that, but I think I know what it would be like now. I almost threw it out but Peanut was so excited so I forged ahead and mixed in the food coloring. It was very goopy but it worked and we had fun. That is ALL that matters. Oh, and it was a whole lot cheaper than buying finger-paint.
Homemade Fingerpaint Homemade Fingerpaint

Being the good Mommy that I am, I let her "wash dishes" after doing the finger paint. Ok, really it was because her hands were a MESS and I thought that would be the best approach to cleaning them. It worked and she had more fun. Look how cute she is!
Washing Dishes
That's what we have been doing. Having fun. Enjoying each other. Staying warm. What fun things have you been doing to make the winter days pass?


Colleen said...

Poor David hasn't been out in the snow much either for all four of those reasons. I tried taking him and Wade out together one day. Wade can't do anything but sit of course. I had to unlock the pole barn to get something out for David, and I didn't have anywhere to sit Wade except on David's sled. I told David to just leave Wade there. Next thing I know here is David standing next to me with Wade laying on the sled. He pulled Wade all the way from the house to the pole barn. It's several feet and down hill. Oh my word.

David would love that snow ice cream. He just eats plain snow. But I'm not bring in a pan of snow and letting him play with it. He would throw it all over. I just know it.

And this is a really long comment. Sorry.

shannon fay said...

you are such an awesome mommy. i love you!

MJ said...

Hey - pop on over to my blog to see my recipe for FLAVORED snow ice cream! We had chocolate and orange the other day!

And while you're there check out the Sunshine Award I gave your blog! :)