Thursday, June 26, 2008

Blast from the Past

This morning my daughter discovered Mama's books. I have a stack of books from my growing up days in the back of her toy cabinet. She has never gone through them until now. She had them all spread out around her and we spent some time reading through them. Half of the stack are my Little Golden Books. Oh, the memories came flooding back of when I was little and looking through them. The pictures are so beautiful in some of them. I had to share a couple with you! There are many more but these are some of my favorites.

Now onto bags! I tried to make a bag last night using some bamboo handles. I don't know....the handles and my sewing machine did not get along well. It was really difficult to keep the handles in place and sew. And even more exceedingly difficult to do the second handle because the first handle wouldn't fit in the space between the needle and the machine. I think I am going to have finish it by hand but am going to the mama-in-law for advice. Ha! It was late and I was tired so I'm not sure that I am all too happy with the turn out of this one. We'll see. Maybe it will grow on me. This is from the same pattern as the first bag I made....Simplicity Pattern #5151.

I checked a neat book out from the library about making quilted bags. There is the cutest patchwork tote with handles in it. It is all embellished with ric-rac and buttons. I want to try to make that one too. I need to see if my kind mama-in-law will let me go through her bits and pieces of fabric to find some pieces that go well together. We'll see.


Colleen said...

Look at you! You're a regular seamstress now. I've had a sewing machine for 10 years that I think I've used about three times. But you're inspiring me to give it a try again. Still in my PJs BTW. :)

Joy ☺ said...

Don't get rid of that bag! I love that bag. I love the bamboo handles and I like how small it is. I'm a small bag person. Not that I'm a bag lady. Because that makes me sound homeless.

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE!!! I am so impressed w/ these bags you are making. I love those old books, I remember my mom buying books from the grocery store...ah..darn baby itch. :) hehehe.