Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Place

I have always been one to go through different seasons of writing in my journals. Some of these journals, I hope are burned before my own child is able to read. I have been through many seasons of life also. I thoroughly enjoy the season I am currently in...motherhood. I love being a mother to my precious little one. She is the joy of my life. I had no grasp the depth within my own heart until I felt this precious one within me and even more when I felt her in my own arms. She is truly amazing.

The reason for this blog is finding a place where I can share things that are in my heart in regards to motherhood and just being a woman. The reason for the name? I adore daisies. I joke with my hubby that I would plant daisies all over our backyard if I could. Unfortunately I seem to have a difficult time getting them to grow. Right now we have Goat's Beard, Coral Bell, Iris, Bleeding Heart, Roses and many other beauties blooming in our flower beds.

For now this is it. I have spent too much time creating this niche for myself. I need to get some sleep as we have a play date in the morning.

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