Sunday, June 29, 2008


I left a comment on Pink Penguin's blog about making her fabric basket. Today I visited her site and viewed her comments to find she had responded to mine. Now I think she is very talented so I don't take her kind words lightly. This is what she said:
"Daisy Path-
I went to see your baskets! Oh my! are you sure you got your sewing machine just recently?! You're talented! Your baskets are awesome! When I started sewing for the first time, the only thing I could do was to make very simple coasters. It took me 2 hours to make a coaster!"

Wow! She also left a comment on my blog:
"I like your little fabric basket! I like how you used fabric that is vintage-ish so that the result is kinda retro- I love it! And thanks for your kind words on my tutorial;) I might make another tutorial just like this fabric basket..;)"

Now I appreciate everyone's kind words but here is someone who doesn't know me from Adam. You all know me so I expect kind words from you. Ha! Thank you to everyone for your encouragement in my sewing venture. It has been fun.

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Joy ☺ said...

I have REALLY got to pick a hobby. So that I can have FRIENDS.
And then I think if I made something that YOU like, you would give me one of those cute little hand bags with the bamboo handles for FREE.
Do you like croched tape worms?